• 2004 - Slovenian KC is the first country to recognise Silken Windhounds.
  • Slovenian, ISWS and many performance Champions now exist.
  • Hungary allow Silkens to be exhibited at FCI shows through the Slovenian Side Registry.
  • March 2011 - United Kennel Club (UKC) in America added Silken Windhounds to their registry.
  • May 2012 - United Kingdom host first Silken Event - The UK Silken Rally, Kent
  • May 2012 - UK Silken Rally & Fun Show raises in excess of £360 for local Charity
  • July 2012 - The number of Silkens in the United Kingdom reaches 30 and more
  • August 2012 -The Hound Association hosting a Hound Parade at their Annual Show.  Representatives from the Silken Windhound breed invited to participate. To view images click here to go to our dedicated page.
  • Jan 2013 - UK member appointed as ISWS European representative for a 2 year term.
  • June 2013 - UKSWC Members support Jillys Jolly Jaunt at various locations throughout the UK
  • July 2013 - UKSWC 1st ISWS Specialty Show held, Kent
  • June 2014 - UKSWC represent at 'Greet the Breed', Dogs Live, Kent
  • June 2014 - UKSWC 2nd Annual Specialty Show held, Kent
  • Jan 2015 - Second UK member appointed as next ISWS European representative
  • July 2015 - UKSWC move to hosting two Specialty Shows & a Track Event over the one weekend.
  • Aug 2015 - UK Silkens invited to participate in a short league under BSFA banner (lure coursing).
  • Feb 2016 - BSFA vote to allow Silkens to officially course at their meets  
  • Dec 2016 - 'Our Dogs' agree to include silken windhounds in Breed Notes columns.
  • March 2017 - UK member joins the ISWS Board of Directors
  • 2020 - COVID
  • July 2021 - UKSWC Annual Track event incorporates new ISWS Dash programme
  • Aug 2021 - British Flyball Association recognise silken windhounds as a breed
  • June 2022 - Switzerland KC move to recognise silken windhounds 
  • Aug 2022 - UKSWC presents a Rally hosted by Paignton & District Fanciers Association
  • June 2023 - First UK silken windhounds to achieve ISWS BFast titles
  • Aug 2023 - First UKSWC Pointed show 
  • Aug 2023 - Silken windhounds in recognised countries (Slovenia & Switzerland) permitted to exhibit at the World Dog Show, Geneva for the first time
  • Sept 2023 - Germany KC DWRZV recognises the silken windhound







1st UK Silken Windhound Handbook
Edition 1

Published Spring 2012

An insight into the Silken Windhounds in the UK.
Chronological Timelines of the Silken Windhound journey since inception.
Information on the ISWS and the Breed Standard
Interview with Francie Stull
UK and EU Pictorial Directory
Over 70 pages

Sorry - Handbooks are not available at the present time.
An updated edition is being considered - watch this space
Requests for this Handbook far outreached our expectations,
selling nationally and internationally.  
Feedback received has been extremely positive.