2019 Grass Track Uphill Sprint - 21/07/2019

Open Class - Timed Solo Runs

Fastest Dog - Aslan of Silkenjoy

Fastest Bitch - Kushbudar Countess Caithleen

Fastest Veteran Dog - ISWS Ch Endevor Prince of Thieves

Fastest Veteran Bitch - Endevor Flashdance


Novice Class - Timed Solo Runs

Fastest Dog - ISWS Ch Pengybrook Endevor Justadude 

Fastest Bitch - Endevor Miz Teeq

2018 Grass Track Racing - 15/07/2018

Open Classes - Stakes (175yds)

Fastest Dog - Kushbudar The Heart's Cry

Plate Winner - Prince Caspian of Silkenjoy

Fastest Bitch - Allagante Jubilee of Cairdeen

Plate Winner - Pengybrook Endevor Justaminx

Novice Classes - Solo Runs (175yds)

Fast Bitch - Endevor Cloudnine

Fastest Dog - Pengybrook Endevor Just Divine

2017 Grass Track Racing - 16/07/2017

Open Classes - Stakes (200 yds)

Fastest Dog - Kushbudar The Heart's Cry
Plate Winner - Kushbudar Reel Around The Sun

Fastest Bitch - Kushbudar Na Sidhe 
Plate Winner - Kushbudar Countess Caithleen


Novice Classes - Solo Runs (200 yds): 

1st  - Kushbudar Whispering Winds at Variare
2nd - Endevor Cloudnine
3rd  - Pengybrook Endevor Justamazin
4th  - Winsome's In Vogue
5th  - Starborough Stairway to Heaven

1st  - Prince Caspian of Silkenjoy
2nd - Aslan of Silkenjoy
3rd  - Kushbudar Lift The Wings
4th  - Pengybrook Endevor Justadude

Fastest Novice Bitch - Kushbudar Whispering Winds at Variare 
Fastest Novice Dog  - Prince Caspian of Silkenjoy


2016 Straight Grass Track Racing - 17/07/2016