UKSWC Specialty Show 2016: Judge: Mr Kevin Young

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Regular Classes - Dogs

Class 1: Puppy Dog (6-12 months)
1. Faolan of Silkenjoy
2. Aslan of Silkenjoy
3. Prince Caspian of Silkenjoy 
Class 2: Junior Dog (6-18 months)
1  Pengybrook Endevor Justadude 
Pengybrook Endevor Justdivine 
Starborough Storm of Swords 
Class 3: American Bred Dog
1. Kumbaya Believe in Magic
2. Morgandell Tioga 
Class 4: Bred By Exhibitor Dog
1. Kushbudar Chu Chulain 
Class 5: Limit Dog
1. Kushbudar The Heart’s Cry
2. Kushbudar Reel Around The Sun
3. Starborough Sweet Child of Mine 
Class 6: Open Dog
1. Endevor Prince of Thieves
2. Tanner’s Bayaan
3. Starborough Painter Crowe 
Class 7: Veteran Dog
1. Tanner’s Antek 

Unbeaten Winners from classes 1 – 7 to compete for Winners Dog
Winners Dog: Kushbudar The Heart’s Cry                      
Reserve Winners Dog: Kushbudar Chu Chulain

Class 8: ISWS Champion Dog
1. ISWS & UKC Ch Allagante Winsome Riveria 

Regular Classes - Bitches

Class 9: Puppy Bitch (6-12 months)
1. Winsome’s In Vogue
2. Fay of Silkenjoy 
Class 10: Junior Bitch (6-18 months)
1. Pengybrook Endevor Justaminx
2. Pengybrook Endevor Justamayzin
3. Starborough Song of Ice and Fire 
Class 11: American Bred Bitch
1. Asgard’s Trudy McFuzz
2. Kristull Halona Silkenjoy
3. Kumbaya Kismet Starborough
4. Kumbaya Ceekin Aurelia 
Class 12: Bred By Exhibitor Bitch
1. Kushbudar Countess Caithleen
2. Starborough Smoke Gets ‘n’ Your Eyes
3. Morgaine of Silkenjoy 
Class 13: Limit Bitch
1. Kushbudar Whispering Winds at Variare
2. Kushbudar Na Sidhe
3. Solo’s K-C Classic Prank
4. Tanner’s Bayra 
Class 14: Open Bitch
1. Endevor Veleta
2. Starborough Stairway to Heaven 
Class 15: Veteran Bitch
No Entries
Unbeaten Winners from classes 9 – 15 to compete for Winners Bitch
Winners Bitch: Kushbudar Countess Caithleen  
Reserve Winners Bitch: Kushbudar Whispering Winds at Variare

Class 16: ISWS Champion Bitch
1. ISWS CH, SLO W-10 Firesmoke Spirit of Endevor


Best in Specialty Show: Kushbudar Countess Caithleen               
Best of Winners: Kushbudar Countess Caithleen                        
Best Opposite Sex to BISS: Kushbudar The Heart’s Cry   
Best Puppy in Specialty Show: Faolan of Silkenjoy
Best Junior in Specialty Show: Pengybrook Endevor Justadude
Best American Bred in Specialty Show: Kumbaya Believe in Magic
Best Bred by Exhibitor in Specialty Show: Kushbudar Countess Caithleen                   
Best Veteran in Specialty Show: Tanner’s Antek  

Kevin Young critique.  
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Boston Specialty Show 2016: Judge: Mr Ray Morland