2012 Family Fun Show

Whilst the weather was not on our side (a continuing trait for many a UK event during 2012) it did not stop large numbers of dog owners from supporting the fun show.  With a great variety of classes there was something for everyone and all entrants left with some goodies, even if unfortunate not to have won a ribbon.

The emphasis on fun, exhibitors and spectators alike, created a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.  As well as the fun classes, everyone was encouraged to take part in the raffles, tombolas and caption competitions and as a result over £360 was raised for Hospice in the Weald. 

Pictures of the day can be found viewed and purchased from our offiical photographer:www.smrphotos.co.uk (Events section)

The Committee wish to thank everyone who contributed - from help on the day to exhibitor to spectator and of course our sponsors - for helping to make this event happen.

Copyright photos supplied by SMR for Hospice in the Weald


UKSWC Charity Fun Show 5th May 2012
Judge: Elaine Norris

Class 1: Best Puppy (6-12 months)
1st Cinders         S. Rhodes
2nd Sian          P.Bird
3rd Amber           A.Thompson
4th Stanley          C. Doil
5th Lola          P.King

Class 2: Junior Handler

1st: Sumi          V.Simmonds
2nd Be          T.Tonkin

Class 3: Prettiest Bitch

1st Kalima          H.Tringham
2nd Olga          E.Ward
3rd Grace           J.Rodgers
4th Layla            J.Depree
5th Clara            ?

Class 4: Most Handsome Dog

1st Jimmy          S.Shakespeare
2nd Dougal       W.Barens
3rd Frazer          L.Eldrett
4th Merlin           C.Soeuveld
5th Wallace       C.Boggia

Class 5: Brace

1st Quinn & Biko          G.Comber
2nd Sian & Bonnie         P.Bird
3rd Kalima & Levante    H.Tringham
4th Amber & Adini          A.Thompson
5th Kezzie & Monty         N.Smith

Class 6: Veteran (7 years +)

1st Shula        A.Thompson
2nd Boyer       C.Soeuveld
3rd Sian          P.Bird
4th Nicky         G.Comber
5th Meg           E.Ward

Class 7: Best Trick

1st Gem        J.Gray
2nd Cass      S.Shakespeare
3rd Meg         J.Gray

Class 8: Judges Choice

1st Taku          H.Tringham
2nd Lara          E.Ward
3rd Tin Tin       E.Bass
4th Kalima       H.Tringham
5th Layla         J.Depree

Best in Fun Show:  Kalima